Friday, January 9, 2015

Scotson pulls off the double; wins U23 RR

With 2 more times up the hill on the Ballarat course, SASI (South Australia) rider Miles Scotson attacked his breakaway mates and flew away from any chasers. Spending the vast majority of the race in the early breakaway, Scotson was with 4 other riders including Daniel Fitter, David Edwards, George Tansley and Ben O'Connor.Akin to the U23 TT, Scotson used the hill to launch his bid to victory. Scotson powered away on the rolling course while riders attempted and failed to catch him. First year U23 Daniel Fitter lead the chase but he wasn't able to come to terms with Scotson, who was pulling out nearly a minute, and was eventually pulled back by the chasing group, which numbered 12 by the last lap. Pre-race favorites Jack Haig and Robert Power were not able to do much against the streaking team pursuit rider.

With Scotson able to celebrate the spectacular win alone, his SASI teammate Alexander Edmondson was able to take the sprint out for 2nd ahead of Alistair Donahue (Search2Retain). Nick Schultz, Power, Haig, Ryan Cavanagh and Jack Beckinsale were other notables in the front group, which was 36 seconds down on Scotson.

Scotson might not be riding too much on the road this season but once the Rio Olympics are done, this will be a good example of what he is capable of doing of doing on the road.

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