Tuesday, January 13, 2015

News Shorts: Mareczko takes 2 (so far) in Tachira

After waking up with a back stiffer than all hell on Monday, having a punch in the face at work and going to the PA Farm Show that night, I had to take a little pause on the blog side of things but a double Tuesday will be making up for that.

Last year, Jakub Mareczko started out nipping at the heals of Nicolas Marini of Zalf-Euromobil but once May rolled around, the Viris-Maserati rider began to trump everyone in the Italian amateur field in the sprints. Mareczko topped the year with the most wins in Italy and signed a pro contract with, what it was known at that time as, Neri Sottoli. Now known as Southeast Pro Cycling, the team took a journey to South America to start the season at the Vuelta a Tachira.

Mareczko has been making a name for himself already as he had taken two bunch kicks in 5 stages in Tachira and will be lining up at the Tour de San Luis with Italian National team. If you followed this blog at all last year, you must have gleaned some information about him from it. He has an explosive kick in the finale and has a very low tuck, akin to Mark Cavendish, to cut through the wind. He has beaten Caleb Ewan in a straight up drag race. He could get into the top 5 in San Luis on one of the flatter sprint stages but he will be at the back of the autobus once the climbs begin. A work in progress but could definitely be a threat.

Jakub Mareczko

Nickname: Kuba
Bio: Born in Jaroslaw, Poland but moved to Italy with his mother at age 5.
Coach: Michele Bartoli
Fun Fact: He likes to spend a lot of time with the mechanics to make sure his bike is set up perfectly.
13 wins in 2014

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