Sunday, August 10, 2014

GP Poggiana: Robert Power drops a bomb; 2nd win in 4 days

Earlier this week, Australian Robert Power went up against a trio of Zalf-Euromobil riders (and many more) on the Muro di San Colombano in Briga Novarese and while the chips were stacked against him, he just went, "Meh." and proceeded to drop everyone for the win, with the Zalf trio of Moscon, Milani and Toniatti left in his wake.

The best aware you can get in Italy...a polite golf clap from an older Italian gentleman
You would think that after that kick in the teeth, Zalf and everyone else would be on high alert for the big showdown on Sunday, the GP Poggiana in Riese Pio X. On the day commemorating the death of the saint San Lorenzo, cyclists descended on the Venetian town for one of the most acclaimed U23 races in Italy. The hilly race has a history to explode the race and in past races, breakaways making it to the finish have been a common occurence. And the race did just that.

Going through the undulating Colli Asolani, the race blew up as attacks sent racers scattering for wheels just to try and hold on. Giacomo Berlato (Zalf) was the one that sparked the big split that saw 25 riders go off the front of the main peloton. From that group, a quartet including Tilegen Maidos (Astana CT), Simone Andreetta (Zalf-Euromobil), Felix Grossschartner (Gourmetfein-Simplon) and Power broke away and just rode away from the chasers. On the larger circuits, the quartet pulled out a big enough gap to where they had more or less assured one of them could win.

On what was quite a warm day, Robert Power decided to put the broiler on high and attacked the other three on the difficult Mostaccin climb. The group had a 2 minute gap on the peloton but Power wanted to put a stamp of authority on this performance. Flying away with 35 kilometers to go, Power was solo for the remainder of the race, in full TT mode. The chasing trio was eventually swept up by the remnants of the peloton but they were way too late to make any dent into the young Australian.

Look at that gun...
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 Power came onto the final straight and with 300 meters to go, he was able to finally breath and celebrate his 2nd win in 4 days. He might only be 19 years old and a first year U23 but Robert Power is the real deal. He has been the bane of the Zalf-Euromobil team this past week, having beaten them at their usual game twice. 
 Behind, it was Andrea Toniatti (Zalf-Euromobil) who led the pack in ahead of Luca Chirico (MG.Kvis-Trevigiani) and then Simone Andreetta and Gianni Moscon (both Zalf-Euromobil). For the 2nd time in 4 days, Zalf stacked the top 5 with three riders and couldn't come away with a win. Ruh roh, looks like DSes Rui, Faresin and Bertolini will need to figure out a formula to beat the wily Australian.

  1. Robert Power (Australia)
  2. Andrea Toniatti (Zalf-Euromobil) +1'25"
  3. Luca Chirico (MG.Kvis-Trevigiani)
  4. Simone Andreetta (Zalf-Euromobil)
  5. Gianni Moscon (Zalf-Euromobil)
  6. Tilegen Maidos (Astana CT)
  7. Jack Haig (Australia)
  8. Luka Pibernik (Radenska)
  9. Giulio Ciccone (Colpack)
  10. Paolo Bianchin (Delio Gallina)
Power, his teammate Jack Haig, who was 2nd overall in the Tour Alsace last week, and Australia are looking very good for the GP Capodarco, the Tour de l'Avenir and Worlds. Power's one-day form has been off the charts this past week and now people should really be putting wagers on how soon a pro team will snap him up.

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  1. An oustanding effort by the 19 year old from Perth. A great athlete in the making who also happens to be a complete gentleman off the bike. Good luck with your upcoming races Robert.

    Dr David Hughes
    Chief Medical Officer
    Australian Institute of Sport