Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Upcoming Races - African Championships, Italy, France & more

Now that the opening weekend of European racing is out of the way, races will be flying out of nowhere and it might seems like a bit of a blur. Just so you have an actual primer on what you should be looking at in terms of results, I have combined a list of races that will be taking places (or starting) this week.

African Championships - now through 2/26

These are already in progress as we speak with the TTT and the Time Trial being contested while the Road Race will be taking place on Friday.

Vuelta al Valle del Cauca - Colombia - 2/24-2/28

Clasica de Combita - Colombia - 2/26-2/27

Coppa San Geo - Italy - 2/27

Firenze-Empoli - Italy - 2/27

GP Izola - Slovenia - UCI 1.2 - 2/28

La Torre - Italy - 2/28

Gent-Staden - Belgium - 2/28

Trofeo Guerrita - Spain - 2/28 (Round 2 of Copa España)

That is it more or less but Espoirs Central will keep an eye open for more races.

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  1. Hi Chris, where are your new postings and view on the current U23 season? I miss them... Regards, Emilio