Thursday, May 14, 2015

Olympia's Tour: Stroetinga makes it twice as nice

Nearly two years to the day, Wim Stroetinga won the final stage of the 2013 Olympia's Tour on the Reuver circuit in a sprint ahead of Geert van der Weijst, Jeff Vermeulen and Johim Ariesen. Two years later, you just needed to substitute Coen Vermeltfoort for Geert van der Weijst in 2nd place and you would have the exact same result.

The stage itself was fairly no-descript with a breakaway going ahead, getting some time and being brought back. The only exciting bit of the stage was that Stroetinga had to come from far back to be able to get the win. He used the slipstream to jet past everyone including Jeff Vermeulen, who was passed in the final meters for the win. Stroetinga was matter-of-fact about his win as he said, "if you're almost thirty, you are no longer working to get there. I've done that happily again."

This is Stroetinga's 12th win in the Olympia's Tour or 14th if you count Vermeulen's DQs from 2013. The only change on GC came from 2nd place Arno Van der Zwet, who crashed out of the race. Bob Schoonbroodt is now in 2nd place overall followed by Piotr Havik.

The racing continues tomorrow with a sojourn into Belgium with a circuit around Diegem.

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