Monday, April 27, 2015

GP Liberazione: Gaday steals win from Consonni

It basically came down to this on Saturday in the 70th GP Liberazione. On the left is Simone Consonni (Colpack) and the right is Lucas Gaday (Unieuro Wilier). First, the gap that these two have on the rest of the pack is impressive. That is probably 4 bike lengths back to 3rd place. Consonni got the initial jump on everyone and it was only Gaday that could hold his wheel in the sprint. Once Consonni got a bit tired, Gaday was able to come to terms with roughly 100 meters and nipped him in the sprint.

There really isn't much more to say about this race. The racing was hard but for the last 25 kilometers, it was all together and nobody was able to break it up. The start list for this race was horrible this year compared with recent years because of the lack of funding the race had. It was on the verge of being cancelled last minute before being saved but with a dearth of foreign teams and even the best Italian talent, it just seemed lacking compared with recent times. Plus it is straddling the divide between a road race and a criterium with a length of only 138 kilometers.

The full results are here. Gaday is a pretty decent rider but certainly was benefitted by the shorter course and the pack staying together on the circuits around the Baths of Caracalla. It was an exciting finish by I'm nonplussed by the race as a whole.

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