Wednesday, June 3, 2015

U23 World Championships Qualifying as of 6/2/15

So the U23 World Championships in Richmond are just a few months away and the race for UCI points to qualify is on. With the U23 Peace Race and the Paris-Roubaix Espoirs finished, I think it is a good time to look and see who has enough to get to Richmond right now.

The document from the UCI that explains the qualifying procedure can be found here. Each continental ranking has a different breakdown of how their countries qualify and the number of riders they receive. Just because a country technically qualifies for the race doesn't mean you will see them on the start line.


Australia and New Zealand are basically guaranteed riders every year. That is until Fiji gets their big break.

5 riders - New Zealand

3 riders - Australia


The standard countries from here. I'm not sure if Africa gets their continental champion added since it isn't on the U23 Nations Cup calendar but if so, South Africa will get another spot as Jayde Julius was the first U23 across the line.

5 riders - Algeria

4 riders - Ertirea

3 riders - Morocco, South Africa and Rwanda


Currently the USA is on the 4 rider mark but being the organizing nation, they get an automatic 5 starters. Also, Colombia has the current Continental Champion and therefore that rider, Jhonathan Restrepo, will start in addition to the other riders.

6 riders- Colombia

5 riders - Chile, Argentina, USA

4 riders - Mexico, Ecuador

3 riders - Canada, Brazil, Venezuela


The nations with 1 rider are those that currently have a U23 rider in the top 100 of the Elite Men UCI Asia Tour. They will get to start 1 rider for the road race. Also, Japan has the current Continental Champion and therefore that rider, Yuma Koishi, will start in addition to the other riders.

6 riders - Japan

5 riders - Iran

4 riders - Kazakhstan, Hong Kong

3 riders - South Korea, Taiwan, Uzbekistan

1 rider - Indonesia, Kuwait, China, Philippines, Malaysia


It is hard to miss the World Road Race if you are a European nation. Unless you have no riders in the U23 field then you can probably qualify for at least one rider. Nations that are outside of the qualifying wall include Finland, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Croatia, Serbia, Greece...and some other small nations.

Also, you get an extra rider if you are a top 5 team in the UCI Nations Cup by August 15th. Currently all of those nations are in Europe.

6 riders - Norway, Denmark, France, Italy and Great Britain

5 riders - Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Austria, Russia, Turkey, Switzerland, Slovakia, Belarus, Sweden

4 riders - Spain, Czech Republic, Axerbaijan, Portugal, Poland

3 riders - Cyprus, Slovenia, Estonia, Ukraine, Ireland, Albania, Latvia

Of course, these are subject to change especially with many summer races coming up that could see some smaller nations get some point boost but this could be a close template.

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