Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Ride of the Week 2/17-2/23

Seeing as we are getting into a bit of a beefier schedule, I figured that I would remove my "Ride of the Week" posts from the weekend updates and let them be their own thing. To review, the "Ride of the Week" is just a subjective take by yours truly on what I think was the most impressive ride by a U23 during the week that was. That could mean a big win or perhaps a good ride against WT or Pro Continental talent. Previous winners so far this year, which will soon be included in the sidebar, include Jack Haig, who is destined for the World Tour sometime soon, and Bonaventure Uwizeyimana, the Rwandan who will be joining Vendée U sometime this year. In any case, this week's Ride of the Week goes to...

Alberto Tochella's surprise win in the Coppa San Geo

When Alberto Tochella and Marlen Zmorka jumped away from a group of a seven others, I thought Zmorka had the race in the bag as I had never heard of Tochella before. But as the race entered the final kilometers, the duo held on to a slim lead as the pack was bearing down on them. Zmorka led out the sprint in the final half kilometer but Tochella, riding for the local GS Gavardo team, came around the Ukranian with relative ease while Nicolas Marini of Zalf-Euromobil was visibly frustrated in 3rd, just five seconds back of the Lombardian rider.

Tochella has some speed on him and might be one to watch this year, if he is able to get invites to bigger races. Zmorka is still as much of a diesel as he has ever been; a huge engine without much kick.

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